PLC programming

Do you want to optimize your processes, increase efficiency and streamline your operations? Our PLC programming and automation solutions are tailored to your automation and plant engineering needs and help you achieve higher productivity, reliability and control within your systems.

Industries served:


Energy and utilities

Pharmaceutical industry

Food and beverage industry

Automotive industry


And more...

Process Optimization:

We analyze your processes to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies and areas for improvement. By reconfiguring and programming your PLC, we optimize processes, reduce downtime, minimize waste and improve overall production efficiency.

Training and documentation:

We train your technical staff to effectively operate and maintain the newly implemented PLC systems. We also provide comprehensive documentation, including wiring diagrams, programming logic and system architecture, to facilitate future troubleshooting and expansion.

Custom PLC programming:

Our expert PLC programmers have extensive knowledge of various PLC platforms (PCS7/TIA). We develop custom ladder logic, function block diagrams, and structured text programming to precisely meet your automation needs.

System Integration:

Seamlessly integrate your existing machines and systems with new PLC solutions. We specialize in closing communication gaps between different devices, PLCs and other components to create a unified and coherent automation system.

Safety systems:

Safety is of paramount importance. We design and implement safety systems with safety PLCs and certified programming techniques to ensure compliance with standards and regulations and protect both your employees and your assets.

Remote monitoring and maintenance:

Our solutions enable remote monitoring and diagnostics so you can access real-time data, troubleshoot problems and perform maintenance tasks without being on-site. This minimizes downtime and speeds up resolution times.

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