Wet electrostatic precipitator


Our wet electrostatic precipitator performs cleanly with aerosols, exhaust gases containing tar and oil, and water droplets containing dust.

The operation of the WET ELECTROFILTER

In the wet electrostatic precipitator, the raw gas is passed through honeycombs from bottom to top. A spray electrode is located in the center of the honeycombs. High voltage is applied to the spray electrode. This causes an electric field to form. The aersolose/water particles are thereby electrically charged and collect on the honeycombs. When cleaned, the purified liquid collects at the bottom of the collection tank.

Gas filter

Honeycomb / Top


Collection tank/bottom part

Technical data:

  • Volume flow 500 - 100,000 m³/h
  • max. temperature 75° (cooling possible at higher temp.)
  • Materials 1.4571/PTFE
  • Cleaning Spraying device
  • Transformer Maintenance free for life
  • Power supply 20-75 kV
  • most modern control via Profi-NET
  • Safety Early detection of rollovers
  • Visualization modern Gemini control

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