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Welcome to "Watt's Up?", the podcast from ReGaWatt GmbH, which is much more than just a knowledge portal - this is where fascinating guests meet entertaining conversations about the world of energy supply.

In each episode, we welcome inspiring personalities from the fields of energy, technology and innovation. Together with our guests, we not only explore the latest developments in the energy sector, but also delve into their personal stories and visionary ideas. Here, expertise and entertainment merge into a dynamic mix.

From sustainable combined heat and power plants to innovative solutions for an efficient energy future - "Watt's Up?" not only offers in-depth analyses, but also fascinating discussions and a look behind the scenes at ReGaWatt GmbH.

Our mission is not only to impart knowledge, but also to share our enthusiasm for a sustainable and future-oriented energy supply. Experience informative and entertaining episodes that will leave you wanting more.

Stay informed, inspired and talk to us about the fascinating world of energy. "Watt's Up?" - your podcast for innovative energy conversations, presented by ReGaWatt.