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The specially developed updraft gasifier forms the heart of the Kombi Power System.

This revolutionary technology, which is sustainably powered by biogenic residues, and its modular design, allow for a customised energy solution.

Are you ready to break free from dependence on traditional energy sources? Take the leap to energy independence today!

Beschickung Gegenstromvergaser und Brennkammer

Technical data:

  • Electric Power 250‍-2000 kW
  • Gasifier Size 2.0-2x4.5 MW
  • Fuel thermal output 1200‍-7000 kW
  • Fuel demand 1,7-‍10 Sm³/h
  • Optional: flue gas condensation 200‍-1350 kW
  • Total heat capacity HT 500‍-2800 kW
  • Total heat capacity HT+LT 850‍-5200 kW
  • space requirement Kombi Power System 300‍-600 m² H=15m

The system put in simple words:

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