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Our Kombi Power System – Your Modular Energy Solution

The custom designed updraft gasifier is the heart of our Kombi Power System.

It is sustainably fuelled with biogenic residues and provides the basis for the modular design of a customer-specific overall system.

Our plants:

Beschickung Gegenstromvergaser und Brennkammer

Technical data:

  • Electric Power 260‍-1970 kW
  • Gasifier Size 2.0-2x4.5 MW
  • Fuel thermal output 1187‍-6982 kW
  • Fuel demand 1,7-‍10 Sm³/h
  • Th. output waste heat boiler 383‍-1752 kW
  • Th. output engine cooling 94‍-993 kW
  • Th. output gas cooling 136‍-1100 kW
  • Optional: flue gas condensation 226‍-1332 kW
  • Total heat capacity HT 523‍-2744 kW
  • Total heat capacity HT+LT 885‍-5177 kW

The system put in simple words:

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